shade1 [ ʃeıd ] noun **
▸ 1 where light does not go
▸ 2 screen/cover
▸ 3 form of a color
▸ 4 pair of sunglasses
▸ 5 slightly different form
▸ 6 spirit of someone dead
▸ 7 something reminding someone of something
▸ 8 small amount/number
1. ) uncount a slightly dark area where the light from the sun does not reach because it is blocked by something:
He pulled a wicker chair into the shade.
shade of: I spent the afternoon reading under the shade of an umbrella.
in the shade: We sat in the shade and ate our lunch.
2. ) count AMERICAN a sheet of material that you pull down to cover a window
a ) a screen or cover that protects something from the sun:
an eye shade
3. ) count a particular form of a color. For example sky blue and navy blue are shades of blue:
The painter used different textures and shades to represent the seasons.
a brilliant shade of red
4. ) shades plural INFORMAL a pair of SUNGLASSES
5. ) count usually plural a slightly different form or type of something:
All shades of political opinion were represented at the conference.
6. ) count LITERARY the spirit of someone who has died: GHOST
7. ) shades plural shade of something that reminds someone of another person, thing, or period of time:
Look at all these kids' games shades of my childhood.
8. ) a shade singular a very small amount:
A shade less than 50 percent approve of the idea.
put someone/something in the shade
to be so impressive that someone or something else becomes less impressive or interesting by comparison:
Portland's metro really puts our public transportation system in the shade.
=> MADE1
shade 2 [ ʃeıd ] verb transitive *
1. ) to keep light from shining directly onto or into something:
Jeremy shaded his aching eyes, and wished it would rain.
2. ) shade or shade in to make an area of a picture or drawing darker than the other areas:
The areas affected by the flood have been shaded on the map.
`shade ,in phrasal verb transitive
same as SHADE 2 2:
I'd like you to shade in all the triangles.
`shade ,into phrasal verb transitive
shade into something if one thing shades into another thing, it is difficult to know where one ends and the other begins:
After a while, each year began to shade into the next.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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